acrylic pour with bright green and orange

I am ready for Patreon!

But good things take time…

…sometimes it takes more time then you want it to and sometimes you have so many Ideas on your mind and not one forms into a real thing. This was my problem with Patreon, or with my art in generell for most of 2018.

I sketched and I did Inktober and then I did some watercolourpaintings and then I did some pours and I took some photos….and I think everybody around me thought I would go crazy. But somehow I managed to concentrate on one thing and that is abstract painting. I truly love it! And I love each artwork that comes into being!

Where focus goes, energy flows

So now that I know what i want to do, the rest also starts falling into place. I worked really hard on getting my Art out on Instagram and Pinterest last month.

Today I finished the facebooksite to a degree, I would like to invite my freinds to take a look.

But the one thing I am most excited about is, that I completely overworked my patreonpage! This is going to be a great part of my work and I can’t wait to start it. The only problem left is, that it’s the 30th of december. That means family time until the 2nd of January.


On Wednesday the 2nd of January 2019 you can get full acces to my patreon page in case you are crazy enough to be my patron 😉

This is the day. when I start sharing everyday sketches, free digital Artworks and original paintings on canvas with everybody who is interested in it!

So keep your eyes open! And save this link until next wednesday:

Claudi Pinkie is creating abstract paintings made with fluid acrylics | acrylic pouring


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