So you want to work from home? Take this disasters guide and grab your towel

Whether you are an entrepreneur, planning to be one or you want to start a business from your kitchen table, there are things you should know. Dark things, things nobody will tell you, things that no business plan will prepare you for…and that is…dramatic music…

your families reaction

and how that can have a very, very, very bad impact on your project and your life

I can almost hear somebody yelling “but they are so supportive!”-I am sure they are and I am sure that they always will be, but there are some mechanisms, that you should take a look at.

1. (don’t, or maybe, or maybe for sure) talk about money

When you start a business it can take a very short but mostly a very long time to make money from it. You will also have expenses and if you are like me, you spend a lot of money on marketing stuff. From a business owners point of view, that is clear and ok.

But is it from your husband’s point of view? Does he know how building a business works? What about your mother, or sister, or best friend? Make sure that they’re either really on your side, or that you put the thick skin on when this topic comes up. If somebody criticizes you on not making enough money, you should know your business! Are they right? Do you have to change something? Or are you doing everything you can and you just need time?

Don’t be mad at anyone or feel unsupported, if a loved one thinks you should go and get a job. Just think about how they make a living. In ten years of self-employment, I have never met someone with a secure job, that understands why I am working ten hours a day for not getting paid…and when the money came, they thought I was just lucky or randomly stepped into a good niche.

to sum this up:

  • don’t take it personally
  • don’t get mad
  • put your thick skin on
  • change the topic and move on

2. your working time looks like their free time

This is a big one, especially when you have kids or when you like to work in a bathrobe (like me)! ….and even more, when you turn a hobby into a business. My daughter never ever recognizes when I am working and when not. Even when I have paint all over my body and everything is covered with sketches, canvases and brushes- she still thinks I am just doing random stuff and I can wash my hands and cook her lasagne.

My argument “I have work to do” is for everyone completely invalid. When I do marketing on Instagram at night, my husband thinks I am randomly chatting on my phone. Thank god he is not jealous!

So what I mean by that is, probably nobody will accept your working time, as time NOT to interrupt you. I try to work around this issue and try not to be mad at them. I don’t follow daily plans, I make weekly plans. That gives me the freedom to be flexible. I also explain a lot, what I am doing, even if nobody asked, just to make sure they know I am working. As I don’t have a straight solution, but many small ones, I would love to hear from you!

How did you solve the problem? How do you react, when your kids interrupting you while working?

3. Housekeeping and working from home – Oh boy, we are back in the fifties!

As I mentioned earlier, it can be (if not please tell me! Your families are my heroes!) that your family won’t realize, when you are working and when not. That may lead to the conclusion “she’s home all day, why didn’t she clean the house?”

My reaction to this is rigorous: I do it when I have time and until then: If you don’t like it – do it yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not living in a messy household. I do the important work early in the morning when my daughter gets ready for school. But the minute she walks out of the door I start working and I stop when I think I have to. A good business day is also a bad housekeeping day and some housework is left for the weekends, as it would be when I would work for a company.

This is the only thing my family HAS to accept with absolutely no exception – and they do.

But I am aware, that this isn’t always the case. I think deep inside, we still have this oldfashioned thinking, that women are responsible for housekeeping.

To sum this all up…

If your loved ones don’t understand what you are doing, don’t get upset! This is your dream and you have to make it real. Support comes in various ways and sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. But never let that influence your relationships! For me, the worst case would be building a business and getting into a serious fight with somebody I love, just because I got stressed over their opinions.

What do you think about this? What are your experiences?

Leave a like and a comment

I wish you a very good business day 😉






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