Week in Arts #3/19

It was a quiet week and for the first time, I had everything under control. I started many new projects in the past and finally, I had the feeling that I am on top of my working schedule. I had also a little bit of time to make paintings., next to my daily sketching series.

So here are my harmonious and gorgeous paintings of this 3rd week:

Inside painting by C.hoffmann-Kaeufer
Gold vision-Painting by C. Hoffmann-Kaeufer
Gold vision
blue rising painting by C.hoffmann-Kaeufer
blue rising
black-splash painting by C.hoffmann-Kaeufer

Week in Arts #2/19

I am going to apply to a group exhibition and for that I did three Artworks. The overall theme is texture and I tried three different techniques.

In the first artwork i used moddeling paste beneath the paint. My idea was to pour over this little mountain. I have to say, that I am not so happy with the result and I might overwork it one day:

The center painting by C.hoffmann-Kaeufer
The center

The second one was more of an accident. I didn’t mix the paint well, so I got these bumbs. But after pouring the paint on the canvas the gold parts looked great. I added some spray paint to the corners and here you have a golden comet.

gold-comet painting by C.hoffmann-Kaeufer

The third one is my personal darling. this is the one I applied for the exhibition. It is so delicata and yet so very strong. It also the most feminin artwork I have ever done:

pink_scratch Painting by C. Hoffmann-Kaeufer



the week in arts #3

Although I was highly enganged in other stuff, like last week, I did some very beautiful pieces.

I played with bright colours like orange and green, which really satisfyed my spontaneous side.

I also did some more experimentations with black ink on fluid acrylics. I love these tree like structures.

But what I liked most, was combining fluid acrylics with spray paint. I came up with some really interesting surfaces and textures. As I added some heat and the paint started bubbling I got so excited I almost ruined my desk.

the week in arts #2

Well….I did do some art…but I didn’t do as much as I wanted to. Instead I did a lot of marketing stuff…but I don’t want to complain. All in all I am satiyfied with my new Artworks! Feel free to share on Pinterest, Instagram or else:

Etsy-Shop now online….and filled

So I spend the last three days working on my Etsy-Shop. I did the whole thing: listings, SEO, Marketing, writing, liking, researching, keywording, coffee drinking, swearing, and now beer drinking.

Here comes the link:


The last 72 hours were really intense and I am glad that I completed it. Next I will be working on this blog and the Youtube channel.

There is a lot interesting stuff coming up, so don’t forget to follow me somewhere.

Here are some of my products ready to sell: