download your welcome-freebie

2019 is starting great! I launched my Patreonpage today and I have a welcome gift for you!

If you like Art for free, klick on the link and you can download one of my favorite watercolour sketches from 2018.

Claudi Pinkie on Patreon


This is completely free. You can print it, hang it, share it or make someone you love happy with it!

I would love to here what you think about it!

Is someone here, who is also on Patreon? Let’s connect by leaving your link in the comments.

Have a great day,



Etsy-Shop now online….and filled

So I spend the last three days working on my Etsy-Shop. I did the whole thing: listings, SEO, Marketing, writing, liking, researching, keywording, coffee drinking, swearing, and now beer drinking.

Here comes the link:


The last 72 hours were really intense and I am glad that I completed it. Next I will be working on this blog and the Youtube channel.

There is a lot interesting stuff coming up, so don’t forget to follow me somewhere.

Here are some of my products ready to sell: