Losing followers=bad art?

In my last post about artcritique a stranger said I’m NOT an Artist I talked about how to deal with inappropriate critisism. Today I want to talk about:

How to deal with internal, inappropriate critisism

What’s that? Basically this is the thing where you beat yourself up and tell yourself you are crap, all you do is sh** and you will never do anything worthwhile in your entire life.

Here is what happened:

As you know I use Instagram a lot and I post (@claudi_pinkie) every Artwork I make there even before it is in my shop. I post twice a day and sometimes I have good post on which many people react, comment and like and sometimes I have posts where only some people react. That’s totally ok. I don’t expect anything else. It’s the same with followers, you gain some, you lose some.

But suddenly this happened:

I posted a detailpic of a mini-artwork and started losing followers. They literally ran away. I thought to myself “well they don’t like this one. That’s ok. They are going to like the next one.” But it didn’t stop. It went on for two days and I was unable to stop losing followers.

say hello to nagging worries, insecurity and anxiety

I am immune to some level of critisism, but that triggered my inner critic. I started to question me and my art again. I thought this guy, who said my work isn’t art was right and everybody seems to agree to that. I was thrown back to the point where I started this blog a year ago- insecure, anxious and fearful.

But what did I learn in the last year?

Be scared and do it anyway

I took a short break and then I started making art again. At first I thought I won’t be able to make something good, when my inner critic is in such a bad mood…but then something clicked. I enjoyed the process. I loved the colours and I did five paintings in one session. I really love painting!

And I also love this mini-artwork which caused this situation. Maybe it is not my best piece, but this little abstract tree was one of the first pieces I did, after I decided to go all in and just make art. This little piece stands for a whole new life.

losing followers ≠bad art

when you lose followers it simply means that someone is not interested in the things you post, but that does not mean it is crap. You just lose people, who weren’t a good match in the first place. You should also consider, that it is not the number but the quality of followers. You don’t need thousands of people see your stuff. As an Artist you just need a handful of people who truly appreciate your work.

Did you experience something similar? I would love to hear your story! I’d also love to see your art on Instagram! Please leave a comment!



Art-Marketing #1 Review: Tailwind | Etsy | Marmalead

In my first Week in Arts I mentioned that I share my Art everyday, but I don’t have time to make Art everyday-which really sucks-but I’m working on that. I tried a bunch of marketingtools and I am going to try some more in the future.

So I thought I’d share with you my experience along the way: Maybe you get something out of it. Pleas remember this is a review not a tutorial. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please let me know in the comments or email or my facebook-page.

Before we get started I want to say that this is not a sponsored posts. This is just my opinion.

In the last week I mainly focused on three things:

  • Tailwind
  • Etsy
  • Marmalead


Tailwind is a marketingtool mostly for pinterest, but you can also integrate Instagram. Basically you can plan your pins and posts and prepare them in advance. Tailwind will then automatically share them through your account. I can’t say how great this is and how much uninterrupted time I got back! So if you want to test Tailwindapp- I would highly recommend it!

What’s also great: you can create one post and share it on Pinterest AND Insatgram with just checking a box. This is a real time saver! You can pin to multiple boards with one click. You can add a loop, so your pins are automatically repinned in a specific time frame. You can determine how often you will post and add or delete timeslots. I am a total fan of tailwind!

The app also suggests hashtags, best time to share, analytics and a whole bunch of other really great features. You can test the app for free. That means you can share up to 100 pinterest posts and 31 instagram post.

After that it costs 9.99$$/ month for each account (Pinterest AND Instagram would cost you 19,98$)

For me, everything that is more than 10€ a month is a lot of money and I check it twice and sleep about it more than one night. But when I think about how much time this app saved me in the last two weeks and how my Pinterest stats went up, I am happy that I invested my money here.

Here you can take a look at tailwindapp.



As excited as I was when I opened my Etsyshop and filled it, as unexcited I am now. It is not only the fact, that selling is hard, as always. It is more the fact, that getting to be seen on Etsy is almost impossible. Even when you do the Keyword research and spent hours and hours on tutorials. It also takes a really long time to get every listing complete. I would say, that to get a piece for 25 € ready to sell, with all the things people recommend you should do (long tail keywords, etsy-marketing-friendly-title, descrition, etc.), you end up spending half an hour to an hour, not to mentioned to make good photos and edit them. When you sell single items, like me, this is so much time, that even if you sell it, you won’t have made any profit.

I personally don’t see Etsy as a marketplace- I see it as a shoptool. As a shoptool it is great, because people know it, they trust the paymentsystem etc. But as a marketplace it is too crowded to only rely on that. If you want to sell on Etsy you have to think about building a community around your brand and you need advice and tools.

You can find advice for Etsy on every corner. Skillshare is, as always, a good point to start. On Youtube there is tons of content about etsy listings. I would recommend to always check the date. Etsy changes it’s algorithms at least once a year so you have to make sure that the tutorial is up to date.

To sum it up: Etsy is a lot of hard work. I am not yet in the position to say if it is worth it at the end of 2018. I am going to keep you updated about that.

Let’s talk about


Marmalead is a tool to help you get your Etsy listings complete and ready to beat the algorythm. This tool is not for free, although you can get a free trial for 14 days. After that it costs 19.99$

Well that as a lot of money for a tool, that doesn’t give you anything but advice! At that point I have a clear advice to all the business starting people out there: Don’t invest in everything people tell you, you need! Make sure that it is in line with your marketing strategie and make sure that you don’t spend all your marketing money on monthly payments, so that you have an amount left to spent on other marketing tools, like Facebook or Instagram ads.

But don’t get me wrong here: Marmalead is a great tool. You can connect it with one or more Etsyshops and it will give every listing a grade. Than you can go through every listing and make improvements. Marmalead will tell you exactly what is not good about your listings. However it will not tell you what to do instead. And this is the point where I think almost 20$ a month is too much money.

I spent two full days trying to figure out what Keywords are f*** longtail Keywords. At first I thought everything that has two or more words is a longtail keyword. Well in Etsy – no. Than I thought it has something to do with adjectives and nouns. Well – no! Than I saw that “fluid painting” is NOT a longtail keyword whereby “flow painting” IS one. At that point I totally gave up on that. Marmalead couldn’t give me any help what so ever at with this.

To sum this up: Marmalead is great to see how you are doing the job. When you only rely on Etsy as a marketplacel it may be a very important tool and if you have a shop that sells, than the price might be ok for you, too. For me I think 20$ each month spent on targeted sales marketing is a better invest. Marmalead was not so much of a help for me and my statistics didn’t got any better after following their advice. So I am not going to spend my money there.



a stranger said I’m NOT an Artist…well…

So I had this discussion with a stranger via Instagram.

He commented one of my post with: “This is not art”. After two more comments I contacted him through the messanger. At that time I thought he would give me some kind of critique or explains his personal point of view, which I would appreciate although it could hurt.

Instead it was like having a relationship discussion with an 18 year old. He just pointed out that I am not an artist, that everybody could do what I do and so on. Just statements not one single point to discuss.

Those of you, who follow my blog, know that this is my main question in every single piece I do and that this question: What is art anyway? Is constantly in my head.


this is a total invalid argument when it comes to critique the artwork of another person, or critique the artist him/herself.

And here is why

The answers to the questions: Am I an Artist? Can I call this Art? Is my work a piece of Art? Have to be completely and entirely answered by you and yourself allone! This is a deep, personal identity question. Conversely this means that nobody can criticise these aspects and nobody can give you the answers. Here is the point where I can quote Henry Ford:

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you‘re right.”-Henry Ford

And the same applies to your identity: Whether you think you are or you think you aren’t, you’re right.

So….I am totally open for critique: Don’t like my colour palette? Don’t like my technique? Do you hate abstract art?Please tell me all about it!

Or do you hate that somebody is doing, what you want to do, but you lack the courage? Or do you hate that you can’t understand what somebody is doing? Or are you just frustrated about your own life and want to make someone else feel bad? Well…I don’t want to hear about that!

What about you?

Did you experience something similar? How do you deal with that kind of critique? Let’s have a nice discussion! Please comment! (but don’t you say I’m not an artist ;))

the week in arts #2

Well….I did do some art…but I didn’t do as much as I wanted to. Instead I did a lot of marketing stuff…but I don’t want to complain. All in all I am satiyfied with my new Artworks! Feel free to share on Pinterest, Instagram or else:

the week in arts #1 acrylic pouring

starting an art career is a little bit more difficult than I thought…espacially the permanent sharing and showing. I realised, that I post daily on instagram (@claudi_pinkie) but never on my blog. The main reason for this is, that my mind is completely overwhelmed with art, colours and things like SEO, Hashtags and other marketing stuff. In the last four weeks or so, there was absolutely no time to write good content, although I would like to talk about stuff, like

  • how I do my art
  • how i applied to the first gallery
  • how i wrote my first artbio ever


  • why being a fulltime artist doesn’t mean your are doing art fulltime

I would love to wite about those things…I hope I can make time in the next days. Until than I share with you my latest works:


I started a new technique called acrylic pouring (I will write a post about how this works!) This was my first try:

After I did this piece I totally freaked out and did several paintings, until my floor was covered with wet artworks, that needed time to dry (it took two to three days, which meant my whole family had to go around and no one could use the living room.) Here are some examples:

What do you think about these pieces?

Time to celebrate: I sold my very first Artwork!

Today is a very special Day for me! I sold one of my favorite pieces and I hope the person who bought it, loves it as much as I do!

It was part of my Inktober 2018 series. I sold it on Etsy, where I just revised my listings (for three days in a row and with way to much coffee). Maybe the whole SEO stuff is working. Maybe I’m just lucky.

Either way I am happy and grateful.

If you are interested, visit my shop here

And now say goodbye to this beautiful, melancholic “Jolt”

Inktober 2018, "jolt"
Inktober 2018, “jolt”

Etsy-Shop now online….and filled

So I spend the last three days working on my Etsy-Shop. I did the whole thing: listings, SEO, Marketing, writing, liking, researching, keywording, coffee drinking, swearing, and now beer drinking.

Here comes the link:


The last 72 hours were really intense and I am glad that I completed it. Next I will be working on this blog and the Youtube channel.

There is a lot interesting stuff coming up, so don’t forget to follow me somewhere.

Here are some of my products ready to sell: