Oh what is Art anyway ?!$§%&)=*

There is a german proverb:

“Kunst kommt von Können. Käme sie von Wollen, so hieße sie Wunst”

which basically means: You need skill to do art and not only the wish to do it.

In recent years I totally agreed to that. But after studying artists, skilled persons and some people who where just f*** idiots, I discovered a very, very, very important point:

You don’t need anything to do something really, really great. You just have to do something really, really great. What does that mean in particular?

First of all it means you have to do something and second you have to forget everything about results, goals and critique and just love the process.

I started loving the process of making ART and I love to share my results with you. Let me know what you think about it!