Can Ideas get stolen?

So I saw that cute animation on facebook. A young man sitting on a bench with his smartphone and eating cookies. In the next scene, you see an old lady buying cookies and taking a seat on the same bench.

She gets really upset because the guy is eating her cookies and even has the nerve to offer her one!

Later she finds out, that it was HIS cookies and that he just wanted to be nice to her. Moral of the story: don’t judge.

As I saw this cute animation, it reminded me of a poem, read by Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his speeches. It was basically the same story. My first thought was: They stole this story and probably nobody knows that, because this speech of Wayne Dyer is really old (maybe from the 80’ies- yes that’s old now!)

So I looked at the comments and I was shocked at first and then laughed! There were over 2000 comments and a great number of people knew this story already from somewhere else. I started typing that the ORIGINAL one is a poem and that Wayne Dyer read it, but I forgot the author (Sorry guys. I just remember it was a woman and it is a great and funny poem!). But then it hit me: what if this poem was already a copy of that story? What if nobody here was right and this true author is long forgotten?

The next question is: Is it really important to trace a good idea back to its original thinker? Can an Idea be under copyright? With the internet and our level of globalization- is our thinking of copyright still realistically? Is it practical?

I have my own opinion about that, but I would like to have a discussion with you. What are your thoughts about this topic? Did someone ever steal your ideas, content or something like that?

So you want to work from home? Take this disasters guide and grab your towel

Whether you are an entrepreneur, planning to be one or you want to start a business from your kitchen table, there are things you should know. Dark things, things nobody will tell you, things that no business plan will prepare you for…and that is…dramatic music…

your families reaction

and how that can have a very, very, very bad impact on your project and your life

I can almost hear somebody yelling “but they are so supportive!”-I am sure they are and I am sure that they always will be, but there are some mechanisms, that you should take a look at.

1. (don’t, or maybe, or maybe for sure) talk about money

When you start a business it can take a very short but mostly a very long time to make money from it. You will also have expenses and if you are like me, you spend a lot of money on marketing stuff. From a business owners point of view, that is clear and ok.

But is it from your husband’s point of view? Does he know how building a business works? What about your mother, or sister, or best friend? Make sure that they’re either really on your side, or that you put the thick skin on when this topic comes up. If somebody criticizes you on not making enough money, you should know your business! Are they right? Do you have to change something? Or are you doing everything you can and you just need time?

Don’t be mad at anyone or feel unsupported, if a loved one thinks you should go and get a job. Just think about how they make a living. In ten years of self-employment, I have never met someone with a secure job, that understands why I am working ten hours a day for not getting paid…and when the money came, they thought I was just lucky or randomly stepped into a good niche.

to sum this up:

  • don’t take it personally
  • don’t get mad
  • put your thick skin on
  • change the topic and move on

2. your working time looks like their free time

This is a big one, especially when you have kids or when you like to work in a bathrobe (like me)! ….and even more, when you turn a hobby into a business. My daughter never ever recognizes when I am working and when not. Even when I have paint all over my body and everything is covered with sketches, canvases and brushes- she still thinks I am just doing random stuff and I can wash my hands and cook her lasagne.

My argument “I have work to do” is for everyone completely invalid. When I do marketing on Instagram at night, my husband thinks I am randomly chatting on my phone. Thank god he is not jealous!

So what I mean by that is, probably nobody will accept your working time, as time NOT to interrupt you. I try to work around this issue and try not to be mad at them. I don’t follow daily plans, I make weekly plans. That gives me the freedom to be flexible. I also explain a lot, what I am doing, even if nobody asked, just to make sure they know I am working. As I don’t have a straight solution, but many small ones, I would love to hear from you!

How did you solve the problem? How do you react, when your kids interrupting you while working?

3. Housekeeping and working from home – Oh boy, we are back in the fifties!

As I mentioned earlier, it can be (if not please tell me! Your families are my heroes!) that your family won’t realize, when you are working and when not. That may lead to the conclusion “she’s home all day, why didn’t she clean the house?”

My reaction to this is rigorous: I do it when I have time and until then: If you don’t like it – do it yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not living in a messy household. I do the important work early in the morning when my daughter gets ready for school. But the minute she walks out of the door I start working and I stop when I think I have to. A good business day is also a bad housekeeping day and some housework is left for the weekends, as it would be when I would work for a company.

This is the only thing my family HAS to accept with absolutely no exception – and they do.

But I am aware, that this isn’t always the case. I think deep inside, we still have this oldfashioned thinking, that women are responsible for housekeeping.

To sum this all up…

If your loved ones don’t understand what you are doing, don’t get upset! This is your dream and you have to make it real. Support comes in various ways and sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. But never let that influence your relationships! For me, the worst case would be building a business and getting into a serious fight with somebody I love, just because I got stressed over their opinions.

What do you think about this? What are your experiences?

Leave a like and a comment

I wish you a very good business day 😉






goals, resolutions, habits – the fastest highway to hell?

I will keep this very short! We don’t have time, because we have all these goals for 2019 and we have all these resolutions, which 80% of us had already broken, but 75%* of us believe, that they are still going to follow through somehow and don’t forget all the habits we need to track in our completely overwhelming BuJos to becoming the very, very best versions of ourselves in 2019….

Hui, I just passed out for 5 minutes…and now I have a question for you:

In a world where the biggest problems are the distractions around us, what do you think is the most important goal to set?

As I started writing this article, I just wanted to inform you about the direction this website is going to take and where you can find additional content, that might interest you (You can find all of my additional content on the right bar 😉 ). I wanted to talk about how important goals and habits are and why I love, love, love new years resolutions!

But I realized, that most people already know about all of this and most of them have their planners set up to crush it in 2019. Yeah! Your BuJos may be filled with tracking lists and some crosses may be in there, too.

For those of you who are doing well and are on their track: Congratulations you are in the small group of people who are doing it! Go! Go! Go!

For all the others, including me:

welcome, 2019 is already starting with a fail!

Although I wrote a post about how great 2019 started, I have to admit, that I didn’t follow through with all my resolutions. I think most of you would agree when I say: Maybe the goal was too big, or not specific enough, or not measurable or whatever. All these things psychologists and self-management people tell us about setting goals and follow through. Well, they may be right, but:

Maybe we just set the wrong goal?

I think everybody is capable of doing great things, even in a very short period of time. I also think that you can turn your life around if you really want it. I also think that you can reach happiness and fulfillment even when you can’t change every aspect of your life. I also think that you can beat that f***ing habit tracker! (who invented this tool of satan anyway?)

But what I realized there is one thing required to get to any other goal and that is:


and by focus I mean:

Uninterrupted time to work concentrated on one aspect

Everything else is just mediocre planning. As I was writing this article I got interrupted approximately 15 times: 4 times by the kids (Well, I can’t do anything about that), 1 time by my husband (that may be ok) and the rest of the times I interrupted myself! I look up a word and ten minutes later I am on facebook watching a cat movie – classic one!

I don’t want to complain about the internet or information overload. I love the age we are living in and I don’t want to miss the good stuff! Not even cat videos!

But I think when setting goals we have to integrate a nonspecific, nonmeasurable and not really clear aspect (Oh I hear all goal setters crying already!):

focus on one aspect at a time!

I would say, even if you set a ridiculous amount of goals or you track 10 habits a day you can do that, if you have uninterrupted time, focussing on doing it. I also have to admit, that the most reason I get interrupted is me. I interrupt myself more than anyone near me. I am able to exclude noise around me, music, people talking, etc. but I need to stop distracting and interrupting my self.

So my biggest goal for 2019 is FOCUS.

What is your biggest goal? What is your strategy not to interrupt yourself? Do you have a habit tracker?

I would love to hear from you! Don’t forget to leave a like!




*I made up these numbers, but there are several studies you can find on the internet, that didn’t make up their numbers.

Losing followers=bad art?

In my last post about artcritique a stranger said I’m NOT an Artist I talked about how to deal with inappropriate critisism. Today I want to talk about:

How to deal with internal, inappropriate critisism

What’s that? Basically this is the thing where you beat yourself up and tell yourself you are crap, all you do is sh** and you will never do anything worthwhile in your entire life.

Here is what happened:

As you know I use Instagram a lot and I post (@claudi_pinkie) every Artwork I make there even before it is in my shop. I post twice a day and sometimes I have good post on which many people react, comment and like and sometimes I have posts where only some people react. That’s totally ok. I don’t expect anything else. It’s the same with followers, you gain some, you lose some.

But suddenly this happened:

I posted a detailpic of a mini-artwork and started losing followers. They literally ran away. I thought to myself “well they don’t like this one. That’s ok. They are going to like the next one.” But it didn’t stop. It went on for two days and I was unable to stop losing followers.

say hello to nagging worries, insecurity and anxiety

I am immune to some level of critisism, but that triggered my inner critic. I started to question me and my art again. I thought this guy, who said my work isn’t art was right and everybody seems to agree to that. I was thrown back to the point where I started this blog a year ago- insecure, anxious and fearful.

But what did I learn in the last year?

Be scared and do it anyway

I took a short break and then I started making art again. At first I thought I won’t be able to make something good, when my inner critic is in such a bad mood…but then something clicked. I enjoyed the process. I loved the colours and I did five paintings in one session. I really love painting!

And I also love this mini-artwork which caused this situation. Maybe it is not my best piece, but this little abstract tree was one of the first pieces I did, after I decided to go all in and just make art. This little piece stands for a whole new life.

losing followers ≠bad art

when you lose followers it simply means that someone is not interested in the things you post, but that does not mean it is crap. You just lose people, who weren’t a good match in the first place. You should also consider, that it is not the number but the quality of followers. You don’t need thousands of people see your stuff. As an Artist you just need a handful of people who truly appreciate your work.

Did you experience something similar? I would love to hear your story! I’d also love to see your art on Instagram! Please leave a comment!



a stranger said I’m NOT an Artist…well…

So I had this discussion with a stranger via Instagram.

He commented one of my post with: “This is not art”. After two more comments I contacted him through the messanger. At that time I thought he would give me some kind of critique or explains his personal point of view, which I would appreciate although it could hurt.

Instead it was like having a relationship discussion with an 18 year old. He just pointed out that I am not an artist, that everybody could do what I do and so on. Just statements not one single point to discuss.

Those of you, who follow my blog, know that this is my main question in every single piece I do and that this question: What is art anyway? Is constantly in my head.


this is a total invalid argument when it comes to critique the artwork of another person, or critique the artist him/herself.

And here is why

The answers to the questions: Am I an Artist? Can I call this Art? Is my work a piece of Art? Have to be completely and entirely answered by you and yourself allone! This is a deep, personal identity question. Conversely this means that nobody can criticise these aspects and nobody can give you the answers. Here is the point where I can quote Henry Ford:

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you‘re right.”-Henry Ford

And the same applies to your identity: Whether you think you are or you think you aren’t, you’re right.

So….I am totally open for critique: Don’t like my colour palette? Don’t like my technique? Do you hate abstract art?Please tell me all about it!

Or do you hate that somebody is doing, what you want to do, but you lack the courage? Or do you hate that you can’t understand what somebody is doing? Or are you just frustrated about your own life and want to make someone else feel bad? Well…I don’t want to hear about that!

What about you?

Did you experience something similar? How do you deal with that kind of critique? Let’s have a nice discussion! Please comment! (but don’t you say I’m not an artist ;))